Bitcoin Day 10

So this was my last day in Sydney, and not much happened in the way of bitcoin.

For those not following, this is a crazy experiment explained in this post.

  • I checked out of our hotel. This was prepaid for, but I think it is worth noting that I could have stayed at the Wynyard Hotel for Bitcoin.
  • We had to pay for parking at the hotel. I didn't find any way of getting around other than walking for bitcoin.
  • We went to Palm Beach, and got a parking ticket. Ozzies love their fines, so parking for an hour set us back $101. Equiv fine in NZ is like $12. Oh well... They didn't accept bitcoin when I paid it :P
  • Had to fill up the rental car. The one gas station I tried didn't accept bitcoin.

And thats that! I'll most likely do a summary of the Sydney trip, including some conversations I had with vendors there.

If you can offer assitance, just do it! I'm on twitter as haquaman, on reddit as haquaman, on IRC as aquaman (no h), and email at hugh AT davenport DOT net DOT nz.

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