Bitcoin Day 25 (Kereru Brewery)

Friday. Went to Kereru Brewery. Had a BBQ.

For those not following, this is a crazy experiment explained in this post.

So today I went with a group of friends out to Upper Hutt to Kereru Brewery. One of my friends who is into brewing also wrote a blog post, more aimed at the beer side rather than the bitcoin. You can read his at

So Kereru have been up and running for a few years, for the start they were running out of their basement. Now they have a setup out in an industrial area in Upper Hutt.

They've accepted bitcoin since the start, and I have actually bought beer off them before, out at the Greater Wellington Brewday. I had more of a chat about bitcoin then, and Chris the owner accepts it using for just the rate it shows there, and keeps the coins. He transfers them back when needed, and said he taxed on the items sold.

Today we had a small tour around their brewery, took some photos that will appear in the summary, and had a few tastings. I was the driver so I couldn't go nuts on the tastings, but Chris consistently poured too much and everyone had to have seconds :P. They were only tasting glasses though!

Had a couple of favourites, the Coconut Porter, and the Velvet Boot, and some of the others like a Pohutukawa Golden Ale, and the Kumara Brown Ale. I purchased the first two for the nice cost of $10 per litre, along with a glass flaggon. My friends bought a mixture of beers, looking forward to a good BBQ afterwards (though the weather outside wasn't looking flash!).

One thing to note about Kereru is that he sources all his ingredients from local sources, which is great for the environment, and for the NZ economy!

After that, we had a BBQ. I brought beer, and metlscones (that I had bought yesterday). Didn't have meat as haven't had a chance to go to a butcher yet.

Another thing to note, is before I went to the brewery, I went to an ANZAC service with my mother. She has this thought that I am poor, and gave me a $30 New World voucher... Mothers :)

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