Bitcoin Day 27

Sunday. Had a drink with a stranger, had dinner with folks.

For those not following, this is a crazy experiment explained in this post.

So in the evening, I took up an offer from someone on IRC to have a drink. He had flown down to Wellington from Auckland for some work, and saw that I was trying to do hopstock, and suggested paying for my beer at Bru Haus.

I went along, promised my partner that I wouldn't get stabbed or anything, and met up. Did all the classic things like saying what I was wearing so he could recognise me. Turns out we were basically the only ones in the bar, and my drink was already waiting. Pretty good bloke, had a tab and didn't want getting paid back via bitcoin as "someone else was paying".

After having a few drinks and chats with this friendly stranger, I head home to get ready to go to my parents for dinner. I take half a bottle of the Velvet Boot from kereru to share with my dad, otherwise it would go stale. We also take some desert, purchased with my mothers "gift card" for New World she had given me on friday because she thought I was poor :P.

Dinner was a nice roast, and had a game of scrabble afterwards.

If you can offer assitance, just do it! I'm on twitter as haquaman, on reddit as haquaman, on IRC as aquaman (no h), and email at hugh AT davenport DOT net DOT nz.

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