Bitcoin Day 18

Friday. bought petrol, drove to taupo, bought a poppy, talked to gf's family. went sailing, had bitcoin beer.

For those not following, this is a crazy experiment explained in this post.

Today I drove up to Taupo with my partner. Her parents have a bach up here and celebrating her mothers birthday on Saturday.

On the way, I filled up the car with petrol at Mobil in Bulls, with my bitcoin paid for petrol vouchers.

Arrived at the bach, was taken out on the lake by a friend of her family on his yacht.

In the evening, caught up with her sister and "soon to be" brother-in-law. They had been told about my experiment, and were intrigued on what bitcoin is, and how it works, and how I've survived spending no NZD.

Explained as much I could, and seems they picked it up.

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